Joint Venture Heylen Warehouses and CityDoxx

17 Feb 2022

Heylen Warehouses and CityDoxx are joining forces to become the reference in providing an answer to the increasing demand for delivery locations for Last Mile Logistics in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Through this partnership, CityDoxx expects to deliver a sustainable solution to city logistics and green mobility, which exceeds both operational and technological requirements. Under the agreement, Heylen Warehouses and CityDoxx will share commercial, financial and technological resources with the intent to leverage the best of both companies and provide best-in-class services to the Dutch and Belgian logistics sector.

Heylen Warehouses, a significant player in the logistical market in Belgium and abroad for the past 20 years, has committed to provide its unique expertise as a contribution to the JV’s activities. CityDoxx will continue to contribute with its broad network and know-how within the sector. CityDoxx, in line with its corporate strategy, will be able to broaden its offer of city logistics solutions with the addition of the Heylen Warehouses expertise in state-of-the-art logistics real estate.

The aim is to realize a complete network of CityDoxx locations within the coming years, spread over the larger cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. The acquisition of the first locations and negotiations with a number of nationally operating parties for the lease of several units in the network have started.

About CityDoxx

CityDoxx develops sustainable logistical housing concepts for city logistics and green mobility.

The founders of CityDoxx, John Rovers and Michel Daems, aim to provide an answer to the increased demand for delivery locations for Last Mile Logistics.

A CityDoxx building offers space for two or more logistics units of 1,000 sq.m. – 2,000 sq.m., with multiple loading docks for trucks and vans, parking spaces for vans and passenger cars, office space and a canteen. The units can be interconnected, which means that larger surfaces can easily  be provided.

CityDoxx can offer its tenants a one-stop-shop  solution with regard of electric charging infrastructure, with solar panels on the roof and storage capacity. This enables tenants to carry out their delivery on a Zero Emission basis.

At a number of locations, where multiple mobility issues arise, the CityDoxx concept is being expanded into a complete Mobility Hub solution, and a (public) parking garage is being built on top of the logistics units. This double use of space fits in well with CityDoxx’s sustainability ambitions.

For additional information visit or contact John Rovers or Michel Daems

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