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Heylen Warehouses focuses on finding the best solution for the accommodation of your logistics operations. Besides the development of warehouses at new locations, we also specialise in the redevelopment of existing sites. We use our Building Technologies for these operations.

With in-house experts in logistics real estate, we use technology and processes to construct operationally more efficient buildings to guarantee the health and safety of users and visitors, to improve the productivity of employees and reduce the impact on the environment.


What is Building Technologies?


To make a building SMART we equip it with a multitude of sensors and actuators that activate a series of passive building components and installations. Examples include metering equipment that measures the consumption of utilities real-time, along with temperature sensors, air quality sensors, occupancy detectors, movement and daylight sensors, sensors that record the status of dock gates (open/closed/failure) and dock levellers, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, access control systems, burglary detectors, leak detectors, etc.

All these sensors generate a series of data (big data) that are processed and analysed by algorithms (machine-learning, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance) and connected to applications in use at our tenants, our property management team and maintenance departments.

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Goal-oriented automation

Switching from relative to preventive maintenance


Most building elements and building-related systems are designed for a working life of a mere 10 to 20 years, while a building is in use for a much longer period. The management and maintenance of these components is therefore of crucial importance. This involves very many costs. Failures and call-outs can be avoided or minimised by introducing connected sensors and actuators. These sensors give indications of among other things poorly functioning systems such as leaks in the water supply for sprinklers, saturated filters and failures in dock gates and pumps.

The sensors also monitor the maintenance status of components by for example recording the number of dock gate cycles. Our centralised system receives these data with maintenance automatically and preventively planned. This enables us to solve issues at speed and have automatic processes start up that contract maintenance partners for a particular job. This all happens before the user is aware of a potential problem. So action not only takes place reactively, but preventively too.


Heylen Warehouses Building Technologies offer many advantages


Better energy management resulting in lower energy costs


Improved safety with the integration of safety systems and remote access


Better maintenance management with better performance of systems and cost reductions as a consequence

Looking for a logistics business site with Building Technologies?

Looking for a logistics business site with the right SMART tools in place? Heylen Warehouses offers the right building in the ideal location to achieve your plans and ambitions for growth. We provide bespoke advice and guarantee the right implementation of the necessary systems.

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