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7 Feb 2022
Your logistics operations are key when we design our warehouses. To build sustainable and operationally efficient buildings, we have developed our own Building Technologies platform together with our in-house experts. The platform makes your business more efficient, more profitable, healthier, safer and more sustainable. We are happy to explain how it works and what it can do for you and your company.

The value of data

Formula 1 is the best example of where data is used to achieve results. Strategic and operational decision-making go hand in hand with data. Centralised data collection improves operational speed and efficiency.

At Heylen Warehouses we use the same strategy. All the warehouses we (re)develop are equipped with a multitude of sensors and actuators that make passive building components and installations active. For example, metering equipment that measures the consumption of public utilities in real-time, temperature sensors, air quality sensors, presence detectors, movement and daylight sensors, dock door status (open, closed, disruption) and dock leveller sensors, smoke detectors, security cameras, access control systems, security alarms, leak detectors, etc.

One uniform digital infrastructure

These online sensors and actuators collect various data from all rooms and installations in a building. This data not only gives you current information but is also centrally analysed on our Building Technologies Platform. Such analyses make your performance transparent in terms of energy consumption, working comfort, logistics operation and safety. For example, leaks are detected, preventive maintenance is automatically scheduled, energy consumption is optimised, rooms are automatically ventilated when CO2 levels are too high, etc. You always have real-time information and insights at your disposal.

We aim to help you with our smart warehouses

Are you looking for a logistics building with all the advantages of our Heylen Warehouses Building Technologies platform? Contact us. We provide tailored advice and guarantee the systems needed will be implemented correctly.

Heylen Warehouses DNA

Heylen Warehouses is more than just a developer of lessor of logistical property. It is our responsibility to understand your business. Only then are we able to provide you with customised buildings and optimal support with our systems. Our solutions must fit seamlessly with your needs so that you can focus on business and growth. This approach is in our DNA: Heylen Warehouses strengthens its clients and itself with the right expertise and personal guidance in logistics property and logistics processes.

In search of a dedicated partner for your logistics real estate?

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