Corporate Social Responsibility

9 Feb 2022

Sustainability is a priority at Heylen Warehouses, it is our routine rather than a trend.

Second-life principle

In our logistical real estate projects we always assume the ‘second-life’ principle. Buildings must not only meet today’s requirements, but also the needs of the future. The basic principle is to design buildings that are futureproof and can live a number of ‘lives’, in terms of quality, functionality and flexibility. Therefore, we choose the highest functional operating standards to provide very wide logistical versatility for all types of customers and logistical processes.

Flexibility and efficient use of land

Using our campus model, we satisfy the demand for flexibility and a responsible and efficient use of land. Rather than developing several small free-standing buildings, the campus concept features a large building comprising several interconnected warehouse units. All units can be used entirely independently, but depending on the needs of our users they are also very easily connected. This maximises their flexibility for users over a long period. Future growth and shrinkage can be catered for flexibly within the contours of the campus without always needing to realise new buildings and leave behind a trail of empty buildings. Also, this offers start-ups an accessible launchpad for their logistical operations, with the confidence that there is room to accommodate the company’s further growth.

Redevelopment of existing sites

When using greenfields we maximise the use of our campus model and our efforts to make double use of the exploited surface area. We also believe that we should compensate our use of free land with such greenfield developments as much as possible. Therefore, we make many efforts to redevelop existing outdated company buildings or sites – the so-called brownfield developments.

Reducing exploitation costs

As the lessor and manager of an extensive logistics and light-industrial real estate portfolio we always aim for low exploitation costs for our clients.

We work with top-quality state-of-the-art materials and products with ‘proven technology’, both in terms of application and in long-term exploitation and management. Attention is paid to the most sustainable ‘cost of life’ of every product or system.

All systems requiring maintenance are connected to our own Heylen Warehouses Building Technologies 21 Platform, enhancing our knowledge and insights into their use and maintenance requirements. This results in better performance of these systems, cost reduction by selective and preventive maintenance and therefore a longer life of all systems.

Our ambitions are far reaching.  Our efforts to grow sustainably continue. We believe this is our duty as an impact organisation. For us this is part of the corporate social responsibility that is very firmly anchored in our company DNA. Soon you will be able to read more about this in our extensive CSR report. Would you like to receive our report? Send a mail to

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