Heylen Warehouses secures irrevocable permits for Péruwelz-Beloeil and Houdeng

27 May 2024

Herentals, 29-05-2024 – Heylen Warehouses, leading developer in logistics and semi-industrial real estate, is pleased to have obtained the irrevocable permits for two projects at key locations in Wallonia, namely Péruwelz-Beloeil and Houdeng (La Louvière). With this significant milestone achieved, Heylen Warehouses, part of the renowned Heylen Group, is primed to embark on 2 future-oriented logistic and light-industrial projects that will not only strengthen the local economy but also facilitate a variety of companies with an logistic or light-industrial character. The projects are focused on offering space to medium-sized and large local, national and international companies operating in logistics and transport in the broad sense(e-commerce, refrigerated and frozen storage,…) and the manufacturing industry.

The forthcoming developments in Péruwelz-Beloeil and Houdeng represent ambitious undertakings, comprising large-scale projects that are set to generate substantial employment opportunities within the region. Heylen Warehouses is proud to collaborate with key stakeholders, including AWEX, IDETA, and IDEA, underscoring its commitment to fostering partnerships and driving economic growth.

About WAPI logistic Campus 21 in Péruwelz – Belloeil

WAPI Logistics Campus 21 is situated on the Polaris industrial site in the Walloon Picardian area in the south of Belgium, just 3 km away from the Hauts-de-France region. The location benefits from excellent accessibility via the E42 motorway, which connects the North Sea ports to the German hinterland, as well as the E19 and E411 which connect Northern Europe with the south.

The Heylen Warehouses campus for logistics and light-industrial activities will offer approximately 110,000 sqm of warehouse space, featuring interconnectable units starting from approx. 8,900 sqm up to 13,000 sqm, providing maximum flexibility. The campus concept is designed to accommodate various types of business and purposes.

“This investment represents a unique opportunity for the region in terms of creating local jobs. It is estimated that a minimum of 300 jobs will be created through this project. It also puts ‘la Wallonie Picarde’ on the map of European logistics by highlighting the region’s strengths.” – Vincent Palermo, mayor of Péruwelz and Vice-president of IDETA.

About Houdeng Logistics 21

The project ‘Houdeng Logistics 21’, located in the heart of the Garocentre multimodal logistics platform and managed by IDEA, emerges as the prime logistics destination for any company aiming to position itself at the core of the European logistics network.  Garocentre offers outstanding accessibility, providing direct connections to several motorways and major highways. Additionally, it hosts a barge terminal along the high-capacity Canal du Centre and a rail terminal capable of handling trains up to 600 meters long. Moreover, it is conveniently located within an hour’s drive from the airports of Brussels, Brussels South, Liège, and Lille. The new development consists of approximately 24,000 sqm of warehouse space (plus 4,600 sqm of mezzanine and 1,200 sqm of offices). On site extension is possible with another 10,000 sqm of warehouse space. The project offers the possibility to generate approximately 170 jobs.

“The partnership between IDEA and Heylen Warehouses represents a unique opportunity to boost economic development and job creation in the ‘Cœur du Hainaut,’ where logistics indeed holds a prominent position. The sector comprises no fewer than 85 companies, totaling more than 4,000 jobs, mainly distributed across the two trimodal platforms, Ghlin-Baudour and Garocentre. This makes it, after the chemical industry, the second-largest employment provider in the’ Cœur du Hainaut’ (16%).

We are delighted to welcome a major logistics group to Garocentre (La Louvière) and look forward to seeing the positive impact this project will have on our region.” – Jacques Gobert, President of IDEA.

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