Heylen Warehouses invests in the revitalization of Apollo Tyres’ buildings in Enschede

2 Nov 2023

Herentals, Belgium – In a strategic move, Heylen Warehouses, investor in logistics and light-industrial real estate, has acquired 4 buildings in the industrial park Havengebied in Enschede, spanning in total 55,000 sq.m on a land plot of 7,6 ha. The purchase of these properties – almost entirely occupied by Apollo Tyres – marks the beginning of a transformative brownfield development project that will enhance the industrial landscape in the region.

Long-term commitment Apollo Tyres facility Enschede

The deal includes both the acquisition of 4 buildings and a long-term lease agreement with Apollo Tyres who will lease 2 industrial units of approximately 24,000 sq.m and 25,000 sq.m. The deal foresees in an extensive redevelopment process of the current site, breathing new life into the existing Apollo Tyres’ infrastructure where tyres are currently being produced, distributed and stored. The redevelopment project  is scheduled to commence on December 1st, 2023, with the demolition of the existing structures and aims to be completed by February 1st, 2025.

Features of the revitalization  development

  • Energy-efficient facility
  • Sustainable energy production through solar roof
  • Efficient land use with increased storage capacity
  • Safe and high-comfort work environment
  • Outstanding quality boost for the industrial park Havengebied

Benoit Rivallant, President and CEO of Apollo Tyres Europe, said: “The new-look warehouse will mark an important milestone for the company as we implement a global strategy to become a more sustainable manufacturer. Over the last few years we have made significant investments in the region, including increasing biodiversity, improving local water management and supporting the community. This represents the next important stage in our long-term commitment to Enschede.

The deal was made possible through the close collaboration between the seller, Apollo Tyres and Heylen Warehouses. The seller was commercially and technically advised in this transaction by Cushman & Wakefield and legally by Damste Advocaten. BCapital Partners facilitated the negotiations on behalf of Apollo Tyres.

Snelder Zijlstra Bedrijfsmakelaars facilitated the transaction of Ir. Hanlostraat 9 to Yarafood on behalf of Heylen Warehouses.

About Apollo Tyres Ltd

Apollo Tyres Ltd is an international tyre manufacturer and the leading tyre brand in India. The company has multiple manufacturing units in India and a unit each in The Netherlands and Hungary. The company’s products are available in over 100 countries through a vast network of branded, exclusive and multi-product outlets.

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