Dunkerque Logistics Campus 21

a sustainable development in the port of Dunkirk

Heylen Warehouses is building a State of the Art logistics warehouse of approx. 64.000sqm in the Nort of France.

The site of approx. 100.000sqm is strategically located in the port of Dunkirk, next to the deep sea container terminal and Roro Terminal. Being part of the Port this location offers several transport modes towards the European Hinterland.

The port of Dunkirk is located on the North Sea, just an hour and a half from the world’s busiest seaway (600 ships a day). Dunkirk is situated at 40 km distance from the English port of Dover, at 10 km from the Belgian border and is located in the heart of the Brussels-London-Paris triangle.

This logistics platform next to the deep sea container terminal and Roro Terminal creates multiple opportunities as a European Gateway

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